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Kipnes Crowley Group (KCG) was founded by Marvin Kipnes (1945-2017), Frank Crowley and Todd Kipnes.  Along with our Senior Vice President, Kevin Silo, we have over 100 years experience in structured settlements and a variety of related fields.  In that time, each of our founders has developed a deserved reputation for competency, honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Despite our breadth of expertise, KCG is 100% focused on structured settlements and related services.  We are dedicated to providing the personal attention, respect, and care that the process and its participants require and deserve.

Whether dealing with a claims professional, an attorney, or a claimant, we understand that the decisions involved in designing an appropriate settlement are important and potentially life-altering.  Our comprehensive service begins the moment we are first contacted, and continues through to the closing paperwork and beyond.

To those who have worked with us, thank you, and we look forward to our continued relationship.  To those unfamiliar with our firm, we invite you to call us, explore our website, and learn more about our philosophy, our team, and the services we offer.


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