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We at KCG firmly believe in the power and advantages of structured settlements.  When applied and implemented properly, a structured settlement can reap significant benefits for all parties involved, especially for a claimant seeking a financially stable future.

We also believe that this process works best when conducted with honesty, candor, and complete transparency.  To this end, our goal is to always work as closely as possible with claim representatives and attorneys to make the structured settlement process as effective and straightforward as possible, and with claimants to design and implement the structured settlement annuity that is best suited to their needs.

Most importantly, we recognize that the structured settlement decision can profoundly affect the claimant’s financial situation for the remainder of their life.  We take our role in this decision seriously, and will devote the time and resources necessary to ensure that the claimant’s choices are well-informed, and that no question or concern goes unanswered.


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