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Services | for Attorneys

The services we offer to attorneys include:

  • Providing structured settlement illustrations after settlement or for use in negotiations prior to settlement.

  • Preparing present value analysis of future damages, including analysis of life care plans and economic loss reports.  (For New York claims, this includes CPLR 50A and 50B analysis.)

  • Attending mediations.

  • Working with the claimant and attorney to maximize the effectiveness of a structured settlement for all parties involved.

  • Designing and conducting educational programs on structured settlements and related topics.

  • Preparing, or aiding in the preparation of, all settlement and other documents required in a structured settlement.

  • Structuring attorney fees when applicable.

We strongly believe that a structured settlement should not generate additional work or complications for any of the attorneys involved in a matter.  Our job is to make the structured settlement process – including the decision whether or not to pursue a structured settlement – as simple and straightforward as possible, at no cost to the attorneys or their clients.

Attorneys rely upon our experience, expertise, and dedicated personal service to ensure that the structured settlements in their cases are implemented correctly, with the greatest possible benefit to the claimant, and with complete transparency for all parties involved.


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